Planning an escape from Dublin Castle in 2021

AON 2021 - January 11th update

Like everyone else, we're very conscious of the current spike in Covid-19 infections. We're closely monitoring the situation, and to say that the infection rates are bad at the moment is an understatement. We have no choice but to delay opening registration for AON 2021 until after the next major government review of Covid-19 prevention measures. Opening registration will be dependent on the measures announced in that review. At this stage, the earliest we can open registration is Monday, February 8th. Thanks for your patience and understanding. And please, stay home, look after each other, and we'll all get back out into the hills as soon as it's safe.

AON 2021 - December 18th update

We have some bad news, and some good news. The bad news is that AON cannot go ahead in January; public health restriction levels are not where we need them to be to safely hold the event.

The good news is that we're committed to running this event, so we've come up with a plan B, to hold AON 2021 on one of the following two dates: March 26th or April 23rd. We will hold the event as early as public health restrictions allow, but we need aspiring participants to be available on both
dates. Registration will be open from January 11th to 20th, details will follow.

There will be some additional changes for AON 2021, due to the Covid-19 pandemic:

  • The event will be open to ultra-runners only. There will be no trek or hybrid categories.

  • Entry to AON is by lottery: you register (this is free); entries are chosen at random; places are then offered; and those places are confirmed on payment of the entry fee.

  • The entry fee is €140, which includes a €20 non-refundable deposit.

  • The start will be outdoors, and participants will be permitted to escape at intervals between 20:00 and midnight.

  • Participants must pass within 300 metres of Art's Cross. This will be a mandatory, virtual checkpoint, enforced by GPS tracking.

  • A new finish line will be located at Glenmalure Lodge - adding approximately 6km more fun (or misery) depending on your route.

  • Participants must arrange transport home from Glenmalure Lodge. We cannot safely provide bus transportation.

  • Goody bags will be posted to participants in the weeks following the event.

AON 2021 is organised by, and entirely for the benefit of, Dublin & Wicklow Mountain Rescue Team (DWMRT). It has been a difficult year for the team, with an increase in the number of incidents, and the cancellation of our other major fundraising events. We thank you for supporting DWMRT, and for your understanding, until we can return AON to its usual format.