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On January 13th, 2023, the Art O’Neill (AON) will once again escape from Dublin Castle. We’re excited to announce this year we’re introducing an additional event – The AON Pursuit, a shorter event alongside the Challenge event. In the escape of 1592 the Castle wardens gave chase, but gave up due to poor weather. The AON Pursuit recreates this element of the historical escape.

Both events will start from Dublin Castle and follow the same route through Dublin to Kippure Estate. The Pursuit will finish at Kippure Estate and the Challenge continues over open mountain via Art’s Cross to its finish at Glenmalure. Places for both events are decided by lottery, with unsuccessful entries to the Challenge given the option to enter the Pursuit. Both events are fully supported, with Dublin & Wicklow Mountain Rescue Team at hand should help be needed.


The AON Pursuit

Our new event, the AON Pursuit, is a nighttime race from Dublin Castle to Kippure Estate, Co. Wicklow.

  • 25km road race - a great intro to AON!

  • Suitable for runners only, no walkers

  • Dublin Castle to Kippure Estate

  • Entry limited to 200 places - decided by lottery

  • Entries are not transferable


The AON Challenge

The AON Challenge continues to claim its place as one of the toughest outdoor events in Ireland.

  • 60km route on road and open mountain

  • Suitable for runners and walkers

  • Dublin Castle to Glenmalure

  • Entry limited to 200 places - decided by lottery

  • Entries are not transferrable

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